Career Development

Career DevelopmentMany people in my profession will tell you that finding a new job is the easy part – it’s staying engaged and in control of your career that’s difficult.

I provide support and guidance to help you manage on-the-job difficulties most people face at some point in their careers. My approach with each of the challenges below is to first identify the issues at hand, separate what you can control from what you can’t, and develop a plan of action related to your workplace and personal strengths.

Job Crafting - Unhappy at work but need to stick with your job? Job crafting is sometimes called the DIY (Do It Yourself) approach to creating meaningful work without changing jobs. This proactive strategy enables you to alter your to-do list, beliefs, and/or social relationships to make your job more satisfying and less stressful.

Career advancement strategy – Looking to move up in your organization? Let’s talk about ways to position yourself optimally by gaining skills and a reputation for excellence.

Decision making counsel – Trying to choose a path at your current workplace or decide whether to accept a job offer? I can help you think through your decision by helping you gather the information you need, offering a new perspective and asking questions that will provide clarity to your motivations and options.

Improved relationships with co-worker/boss – There’s an axiom in my profession that more people leave their bosses than their jobs. Sometimes a boss is impossible. But sometimes a new perspective, new techniques for communicating, or some new approaches can make a lasting impact.

Annual review preparation and negotiation – I can help you build a strong case for change or better compensation.

Responding to a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) – This is never an easy time - but it is an opportunity for reflection and reinvention. Many people I've counseled have been able to turn their situation around.

Rejecting or renegotiating a promotion – What happens when you’re asked to take a position at your organization that you don’t want? I can help you communicate your needs in a way that preserves your good standing.

Retirement preparation and transitioning – I can help you determine the timing of your exit plan and new ways to create meaning in life’s next chapter.