Resume and Linkedin Profile Writing

Resume Writing/Linkedin ProfilesWhat would it feel like to have a compelling resume and Linkedin profile that position you perfectly for the type of job you want?

If you’re like most clients I work with, having updated materials would give you a significant confidence boost - and a real leg up on your competition.

But today’s best practices for effective resumes, cover letters and social media profiles are constantly changing. How do you know what to put in – and take out? What language and format should you use to best present yourself? What do you do if you’re like most people and don’t have a linear work history or perfect qualifications?

The first step is to determine your job target so that you can identify your most important qualifications. Based on this information, I’ll help you write your own resume and Linkedin profile by supplying instruction, worksheets, tools and templates. Clients over the years have told me that this process prepares them well for interviewing, creates materials in their own "voice," and gives them the ability to revise their resume as their search progresses. Of course, I’m also willing to do some or all of the writing for you!

Either way, our work together can help you create a resume and Linkedin profile that are

  • Up to date, professional looking, and easy to scan
  • Targeted with functional and industry keywords
  • Loaded with relevant accomplishments that evidence relevant skills
  • Easily visible and compelling to recruiters